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A New Baker Home: Built for Your Family.
Your new Baker Residential home is a promise. Here, you and your family will enjoy all the attributes of an existing home, without all the worry, unpredictability and unexpected costs. It’s the best-of-both-worlds…all the good and none of the bad. And so much more.

Distinctly Crafted Designs
Your new Baker Residential home is unique because Interior spaces incorporate appointments not found in many existing homes. Buyers enjoy upscale features such as first floor vaulted ceilings, well-designed kitchens, spacious family rooms and grand master suites with luxurious master baths.

Custom Features You Choose
Your new Baker Residential home will be tailored to your specific needs and desires. Our residences can be customized through selections including floor surfaces, kitchen and bath cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, finishes and much more. In some cases you can even alter the floor plan and exterior elements; your personal preferences assure a uniqueness that reflects the character of your family’s life.

New Home Value Without the Used Home Risk
Older houses come with unforeseen "hidden" costs. Whether it’s repainting or remodeling the kitchen and bath or unexpected maintenance issues such as the roof needs replacing and the water heater leaks, existing homes often require these additional investments after the purchase. You may think you’re paying less, however often times you’re getting less than you need.

The Newest Technology
New Baker Residential homes express the latest in homebuilding know-how, with new technologies and superior construction processes. Innovative features like central vacuum systems, multi-room sound systems and home networks enhance the convenience and productivity of your life. Electronic security systems provide 24/7 peace of mind. All of this can be “Built-in” (not retrofitted) to your new Baker Residential home.

The Latest Safety and Energy-Efficiency Features
Today’s building codes make new homes safer. New Baker Residential homes include hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, doors and windows with safety glass, and GFCI electric shock protection. Thick wall insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, and high-efficiency heating/cooling systems keep you comfortable in winter and summer as well as keeping energy costs down.

Warranty Protection
The structure of your new home is backed by Baker Residential, as well as by a limited warranty, some for as long as 10-years. Appliances carry manufacturer warranties ranging up to 10 years. Our dedicated staff makes sure you understand how to get the most value from your new home, and our local warranty professionals do what it takes to address any concerns.

Your New Baker Residential Home is a promise of value and enjoyment. From us to you. From you to your family. For today, tomorrow, and many years to come.

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